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Tammy 30 Under 30 Where are They Now?

Where are they now? REALTOR Magazine’s 30 under 30, Class of 2000

Reconnecting with REALTOR Magazine’s 30 under 30, Class of 2000 (See the original article)

A little over a decade ago REALTOR Magazine published the first of its famous 30 under 30 lists featuring a diverse group of 20-somethings taking the real estate industry by storm. Certainly, the class of 2000 entered the real estate world just prior to some of its grandest years. But as we know all too well, a challenging period followed.

So how did members of the class of 2000 manage and where are they now? Well, we’ve tracked down these young professionals, and we’re anxious to give you an update on what they’ve been up to over the last decade. As expected, some have exited the real estate industry. But many of these ambitious go-getters are still engrossed in the real estate business. In fact, many of these bright, talented young people have truly distinguished themselves in the real estate profession.

The thread that runs through every success story we unearthed? Adaptation to the dramatic market changes of the last decade and an inexplicable love of real estate.


Tammy Mitchell Hines

Ten years ago Tammy Mitchell Hines told Realtor Magazine that most of her leads come from “manning the office phone.” It’s apparent that her long hours of phone duty paid off. Tammy is now the owner, broker of Tammy Mitchell Hines & Co. in Illinois, leading a hard working group of top-grade real estate professionals.

Tammy guarantees first-rate customer service by staying involved in her company. While she concentrates on working with sellers, she devotes a significant amount of time to coaching and mentoring her team. Her goal is to ensure that her team remains cohesive, productive, stimulating and fun. And her clients enjoy a stellar real estate experience as a result.

This high-energy professional manages the demands of family life, the fast pace of real estate, and still finds time to give to others. One project she is especially proud of is the $1000 yearly scholarship that she gives to an area high school student to use toward the college of their choice.

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