Sellers…There is Help and Hope

Homeowners across the country and right here at home in Monroe, St. Clair and Randolph counties are finding it hard to make their monthly house payments.  If this sounds familiar, there is help and there is hope.  Tammy Mitchell Hines has been helping local families avoid foreclosure and successfully sell their home through the short sale process.  Please don’t give up.  There are solutions and Tammy is here to help you through the process.

Tammy is always looking to the future of real estate and how she can assist her clients with their real estate needs even in the market we are currently in. Tammy has continued her education in order to assist homeowners who are facing difficult issues and decisions when it comes to their home.

  • Tammy has the Expertise to Save Your Credit
  • Tammy can Relieve the Uncertainty
  • Most Important Tammy can Help Your Family

The Certified Distressed Property Expert Designation (CDPE) is an indication that Tammy has taken the initiative to become an educated and prepared advocate on the behalf of a homeowner in distress.

Earned by completing detailed and thorough coursework via the Distressed Property Institute, Tammy has received the CDPE designation and is are armed with the necessary tools and information to help distressed property owners avoid foreclosure and continue their lives.

As a CDPE designated REALTOR®, I have committed myself to helping those who face foreclosures by working to find the right solution for their individual needs and seeing the issue resolved. Part of my CDPE designation coursework involved studying the process of short sales, once rarely accepted by lenders, but in today’s world they are becoming an increasingly viable option. Although more common in recent years, lender’s still want the right deal with the right paperwork, and most real estate agents without the CDPE designation do not know the specifics. The CDPE course has taught me how to submit the proper documents to a variety of lenders and negotiation skills, allowing for quick resolve to a short sale. A CDPE’s education is continual, as CDPEs from across the county gather information to provide the Distressed Property Institute a continual flow of new information to share with other CDPE designated agents.

Tammy is dedicated to assisting today’s homeowners and will guide you through the process of making the right decision for you.

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