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Relocating TO or FROM Scott Air Force Base?

If you are planning on relocating to or from Scott Air Force Base, you need things to move FAST.  If you are coming in, you need to find a home that suits your needs ASAP.  If your PCS orders have you moving away from SAFB, you may need to sell your home ASAP.  Military personnel have special needs that civilians just can’t understand.  Home hunting is often done from a distance and selling negotiations may have you communicating with your Realtor® from remote locations.

Don’t be fooled by being “Assigned” a Realtor®

There are several agencies out there (like USAA Mover’s Advantage Program) that like to use military buzz words like “Assigned” when assisting you with your home search or sale.  Although trusted in the military community, when you reach out to them to assist you in your relocation they will tell you that you have “been assigned” an agent.  Even if you use these kinds agencies for your other personal needs, when it comes to real estate, you DO have a choice.  Most of these “service” agencies charge hefty referral fees to area realtors just to send them your information.  This does not have anything to do with the level of expertise that agent has when dealing with military.  In addition, some agents can be less motivated to work hard when an outside company takes so much of their paycheck, just for giving them your name.  MilitaryWe have established our own benefits plans for military personnel who have PCS orders that are actually customized to your specific needs.  Without having to pay hefty referral fees, we can give YOU higher bonuses than outside referring agencies. Moreover, finding a Realtor® with expertise in working with military personnel can be a challenge. Things have to move FAST when you receive your PCS Orders.

For Military Home Buyers

We offer all of the standard real estate services and more. We can email you within 20 minutes when a new property meeting your criteria is put on the market. We can also use Face-time to show you homes virtually.  Paperwork can even be completed remotely. As Realtors® we can show you properties listed with us, listed with someone else, new construction and even “For Sale by Owner”.  And our home buyer services are always free of charge.

For Military Home Sellers

We offer all of the standard real estate services and more. As Southwestern Illinois #1 Independent Real Estate Team, we sell a home every 38 hours in the Illinois Metro area.  We have our own magazine that features our listing which is printed and distributed to over 300 locations and inserted into local newspapers.  We feature virtual tours on every home and advertise on the radio.  We know what it takes to sell a home in the area.

Resources and Technology

You might be looking into the advantages of the VA Loan Program which will require a good lender.  You may need some assistance with credit clean up or repair.  Communications with you may need to be done remotely or via Skype.  You will need a reputable real estate professional that can help you to find the right home for your specific needs. If you are moving to Scott from the west/east coast or from another country, finding a home at a price you can afford, and in an area close to the base can prove to be a logistical nightmare. If you are moving away, you may need a referral to a professional Realtor® in the area you are going to relocate.  We have a large network of professionals in real estate and other industries that can help you during your relocation.

Don’t Worry

Even though you may be halfway across the world, moving to or from SAFB due to a military transfer or new promotion, we can help you.  If you are relocating to Scott Air Force Base rather quickly, then you need a professional who has significant amounts of time to devote to your individual search for the perfect home and the technology to help you remotely if necessary.  If you need to sell a home due to relocation, you need a professional that is committed to marketing and technology so distance is not an obstacle.  Either way, we have what it takes to help make that happen.

Feel free to call us before, during or after your relocation. We know all of the communities and can help with all your real estate needs. We can be reached at (618) 277-HOME (4663).


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